World Net Leads pays you using a 3×7 forced matrix structure, that gives you more advertising at every level. You are purchasing advertising and the re-sell rights at each level via member to member Bitcoin payments.

The commissions are structured like this:

Package Slots Explanation
SET 3 people x 0.02 BTC 3 members on the “First Level” pay you 0.02 BTC each for Leads-Pack 1 Your total earning can be 0.06 BTC
APOPI 9 people x 0.05 BTC 9 members on the “Second Level” pay you 0.05 BTC each for Leads-Pack 2 Your total earnings can be 0.45 BTC
NEFTI 27 people x 0.09 BTC 27 members on the “Third Level” pay you 0.09 BTC each for Leads-Pack 3 Your total earnings can be 2.43 BTC
ANUBI 81 people x 0.15 BTC 81 members on the “Fourth Level” pay you 0.15 BTC each for Leads-Pack 4 Your total earnings can be 12.15 BTC
OSIRIDE 243 people x 0.3 BTC 243 members on the “Fifth Level” pay you 0.3 BTC each for Leads-Pack 5 Your total earnings can be 72.9 BTC
HORUS 729 people x 0.5 BTC 729 members on the “Sixth Level” pay you 0.5 BTC each for Leads-Pack 6 Your total earnings can be 364 BTC
RA 2187 people x 1 BTC 2187 members on the “Seventh Level” pay you 1.0 BTC each for Leads-Pack 7 Your total earnings can be 2187 BTC

The earnings shared in the table above are for example purposes only, and is be reachable only with the correct work-ethic and commitment to share WNL with others until your 3 x 7 structure is filled and all member have purchased through all seven levels. At WNL we believe over time with consistency and working with a team of people these numbers are attainable. Just know from day 1 your are marketing the most desired product for any business…prospects, clients and customers. As with any business, results are not typical, but depend on your business experience, capacity, desire (do you have a big WHY?) you can succeed. Please note, this is not an investment scheme, you are not paying for future earnings, all earnings come from direct member to member sales. 


You are qualified to receive the commission only if you own the Leads-Packs yourself. That is why we recommend you buy the highest Leads-Pack that you can afford. REMEMBER you will receive instant commissions straight to your account whether or not the member buying the product was introduced by you or was added into your downline structure from members above or below you. Additionally, you must accept the preferred payment method of the customer, which is Bitcoin. So please be sure to add you BTC address in Member Area >> My Profile. We do not require you to refer anyone to our site to purchase our traffic products. Selling of our traffic products is completely optional. This is NOT a HYIP (high-yield investment program), cycler, ponzi scheme, or get rich quick program. This is not an investment club, or gifting program. We do not promised any interest on your Leads-Packs purchases. Our Leads-Packs products are one-time purchases, starting at 0.02 BTC and increasing to 1 BTC. They can be used to promote the product and services of your choosing, as long as those products and services DO NOT propagate Hate, Racism, Religion or Political bias. Neither should any traffic packages be used for the purpose of selling porn, adult content or similar content that may be deemed disturbing or abusive to the users and customers. Should there be any report of abuse of this term; the offensive advertisement will be deleted without notice. Any repeat violations of this policy may result in termination of your account without refund, and forfeiture of any remaining traffic and impressions.


Nowhere else you will find such great value in advertising, and with re-sell rights. The World Net Leads product will appeal to a broad base of individuals, basically anyone with a product or service to market or sell. Remember, our vision is to become the first real Marketer’s Social Media. On a weekly/monthly basis we will add more value and and news to the website. Sincerely, Admins