This Blog is MAGIC. Once you are active and have your WNL username, you can use any page of this blog to promote WNL. The fact that you are reading the page means someone has given you their link for the blog, or possibly you found the blog organically. Whatever the path, each link in this blog is automatically customized with the username of a WNL member.

Let look at this example, if you are are at the base address of this blog, and you click on any of the Join Now button you will be taken to the registration page of “carsalv. He is the father of this blog. But ATTENTION, just copy the web address on any word-processor or notepad , and then add /?refer=your username.

For example, if your username is “magic” in order to have the entire blog point to your referral link just send anyone this web address 

Or you can simply copy the Blog link from the Promotional Tools Page from the World Net Leads website.

And more importantly, you can decide to promote any of the Blog pages, not just the Home Page.

For example you can promote the Proof of Payment page, simply using the link Of course instead of “magic” it must be your username. Or with the Founder Message page You choose which page to display to your prospects and each page will point to your WNL referral link.