Our Product Is LEADS 

After free registration with World Net Leads you gain access to your WNL private back office where you will be able to purchase Lead Packs. Lead Packs can be purchased starting from Level 1 (The “Set” Lead Pack from 0.02 BTC) and then you purchase in order until you have acquired the number of leads you desire. For each Lead Pack you purchase, you unlock a certain number of emails that you can send at the specified interval, based on your Lead Pack level. Inside your WNL Back Office you will find the “Mail Maker” in this section you will be able to build a Capture Page containing the product or service you want to advertise, and the specified number of members of World Net Leads will receive it. Any member interested in your product will have the chance to leave you their contact information, creating a RED HOT Buyer Lead for you! The number of emails you can send is defined by your Lead Pack level; you can send them through the form you find in the “Send Mail” section.

How You Earn Bitcoin With WNL

After you purchase a Leads Pack at World Net Leads you own the re-sell rights to that pack. Please note you can only earn on a particular Leads Pack if you already own it. As you generate sales from your efforts, spillover from your upline or spill under from your downline you will earn Bitcoin based on the table below.

By referring new customers, you will receive a 100% commission:
Level 1: max 3 members, possible earnings 3 x 0.02 BTC = 0.06 BTC
Level 2: max 9 members, possible earnings 9 x 0.05 BTC = 0.45 BTC
Level 3: max 27 members, possible earnings 27 x 0.09 BTC = 2.43 BTC
Level 4: max 81 members, possible earnings 81 x 0.15 BTC = 12.15 BTC
Level 5: max 243 members, possible earnings 243 x 0.3 BTC = 72.9 BTC
Level 6: max 729 members, possible earnings 729 x 0.5 BTC = 364.5 BTC
Level 7: max 2187 members, possible earnings 2.187 x 1 BTC = 2187 BTC
Maximum Earnings is 2,639.49 BTC!

Hoe Downline Positioning Works…

Every time a registered user invites a new customer on World Net Leads, they are placed in their sponsors first available matrix position. Example: Giovanni refers Lorenzo since he has 3 open positions in his first level, Lorenzo will be placed in the first position on the first level.

After that, Giovanni refers Anna and Edoardo, who will be placed in the second and third position on Giovanni’s first level.
Giovanni also refers a fourth person, Renato. Now, there are no more available positions in his first level. Renato will therefore end up on Giovanni’s second level, where he has 9 available positions (supposing that Lorenzo, Anna and Edoardo haven’t invited anyone), and he will be placed in Lorenzo’s first level.
Finally, Giovanni refers a fifth person, Paola, who will be placed in his second level. However, this time Paola will be placed in Anna’s first level. This is because the system provides an even distribution of Spillover. 

Direct Member To Member Payments Explained

Please remember the payments for WNL Lead Packs does not pass through the company, they are direct member to member payments via Bitcoin. The commissions every member earns is based on the Lead Pack Level that is purchased. The member selling the Leads Pack will earn 100% of commissions deriving from customers on the first level of their downline who buy their first Leads Pack. Members on the second level of your downline will generate 100% of commissions when buying their second Lead Pack and so on for every level. Here is another example to better illustrate the situation, let’s consider the following graphics representing Giovanni’s downline.

Let’s focus on forth level member, Pippo, who was invited to World Net Leads by Luca. When Pippo purchases his first Lead Pack, he will pay 100% commissions to the member occupying the position directly above him in the structure, that is Luca. When Pippo purchases his second Lead Pack, he will pay 100% commissions to the member occupying the position two levels above him in the structure, that is Paola, who invited Luca. When Pippo purchases his third Lead Pack, he will pay 100% commissions to the member occupying the position three levels above him in the structure, that is Anna, who invited Paola. When Pippo purchases his fourth Lead Pack, he will pay 100% commissions to the member four levels above him in the struture, that is Giovanni, who invited Anna.