How It Works

World Net Leads is making inprovements every day to give it members the best advertising available in the online marketing niche and e-commerce niche. WNL member get…

  • Massive Advertising
  • Paid Instantly or Weekly (depending on the product they choose to sell)
  • Paid up to 100% commissions

If you are a Business Owner or you sell anything online you need traffic. At WNL we can help put your product or service in front interested prospects. At this time we have one of our advertising products available, Lead Packs. More will be added soon in the weeks and months to come.

What You Get

All WNL Leads Packs will give you traffic, and re-sell right for each leads Pack you own. Many more advertising platforms are coming soon: Email marketing/Solo ads inside WNL (available now), Video marketing inside WNL (coming soon), Direct marketing inside WNL (coming soon), Personal Blog inside WNL (available now), Search Engine Traffic inside WNL (coming soon), Banner Ads and Text ads Other (available in few months). ┬áListed below are the seven Leads Packs available now. This product allows you to advertise via email inside the WNL website. All Leads Packs are one-time purchases, not monthly, but they provide ongoing opportunities for you to email at the time frames listed for each Leads Pack. Solo email are not cumulative (you get what is listed in the package). Your Leads Packs purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. We cannot refund because the payments are direct member to member via Bitcoin. WNL never handles the money – it is paid directly to members. But we assure you will receive excellent traffic, forever! Packages must be purchased in order Level 1 through Level 7. For example: When you purchase the SET Leads Pack for 0.02 BTC, you will be able to contact 20 prospects every 28 days FOREVER. And you have the re-sell rights to that particular pack. Then when you want to improve and go with the APOPI Leads-Pack for 0.05 BTC, , you will be able to contact 50 prospects every 21 days FOREVER. And you have the re-sell rights to that particular pack, and the one before that. It keeps working like that as you purchase the next traffic packages, up to 500 prospects every 2 Days. We strive to give our members the best traffic as well as the ability to earn exceptional income. This is why we setup the commissions plas as a 100% member to member commission for the package re-sell rights (read the terms for commissions below).