WORLD NET LEADS – Getting Started Guide

Complete the registration form following the instructions below

You receive an email, click the confirmation link in the email to confirm your registration.

Use the username and password you chose during registration to login, and then click Member Area, and then on My profile.

This will open the page below, you MUST IMMEDIATELY enter your Bitcoin wallet address, where you want to receive the commissions. If you do not enter your Bitcoin wallet address all earned commissions will roll to your sponsor.

Now you can buy your first Leads pack for 0.020 BTC. This will unlock your referral link and you will be able to resell WNL products, EARNING 100% commission, as explained in the compensation plan. You can purchase a WNL Leads Package from the HOME PAGE by clicking on the Banner GET YOU PACK, GET NEW LEADS or from the Member Area clicking on Purchase Traffic.

The following provides video instructions for making your first purchase.

As soon as your payment is confirmed you will be 100% operational and ready to begin sharing your referral link to begin earning Bitcoins as thousands of people are already doing, view PROOF OF PAYMENT page



This Blog is MAGIC. Once your WNL account is active and you have a referral link you can use any page of this blog to share the WNL business and earn Bitcoins. If you are reading this page that means an active WNL member has shared their WNL blog with you or you may have found the blog via an internet search. Whatever the path, each page of this this blog has links automatically customized with the username of the person who shared it with you.

Here’s an example, the base address of this blog is, if you click the Join Now button from the base address you will be taken to the registration page of carsalvsponsor. He is the father of this blog. But ATTENTION, just copy the web address on any word-processor or notepad , and then  add /?refer=your username.

For example, if your username is “magic” in order to have the entire blog with your user you will just send anyone a web address as follows 

Now click any Join Now Button on the and the sponsor will be “magic”

And more importantly, you can promote any page of this blog as a stand alone link because therre is a Join Now Button on each page of the blog.

For example you can decide to promote the Proof of Payment page, simply use the link Of course instead of “magic” it must be your username. Or the Founder Message page You choose which page to promote and it will always have your WNL referral link.