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Direct Member to Member Bitcoin Payments


World Net Leads launched Sunday March 19, 2017! WNL is an online business build by Networkers for Networkers. During the brief WNL Pre-Launch period more than 110 BTC was paid to members, check out our Proof Of Payment page for screen shots from very satisfied members!

At this time only one product is available, the Customers-packages that allow WNL members to create their own email-list  in easy, fast and economical way. I am sure you have heard the old saying, the money is in the list… well that is what we are all about at WNL, helping you build your list!

Will are adding many exciting products in the next future that will help Networkers acquire more customers and sell more products and services.


Not only will WNL help build your list we also help you EARN Bitcoin!

YES, WNL helps you earn quick Bitcoin while providing you the necessary tools to build your list and sell more of your products and services.


All Purchase inside the WNL website will provide you traffic/ Plus you get the re-sell right for every product you own inside WNL. In particular: Email marketing/Capture Page inside WNL, Video marketing inside WNL (coming soon), Direct marketing inside WNL (coming soon), Personal Blog inside WNL (coming soon), Search Engine Traffic inside WNL(coming soon), Banner Ads and Text ads, Plus other traffic producing products will be coming soon.